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ICT, IT, or just T

When I first started working with computers, in the late 1980s, companies had “IT departments”. As I have had to explain to people under the age of 10 and people over 70 IT stands for Information Technology. Since the 1990s schools have taught ICT, which stands for Information and Communications Technology. Some companies now have ICT departments, others still have IT departments; is there a difference? Not in my experience. Increasingly these days it’s mostly about the T (Technology) rather than either Information or Communication. Has any IT department been bold enough just to call itself the T department? Or does ICT stand for Information or Communications or Technology? The great John Cooper Clarke explained many years ago how for many of his generation the lifestyle choice made famous by Ian Dury’s song “Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll” was now sex or drugs or rock ’n roll, so maybe it’s similar for ICT departments. You can have Information or you can have Communications or you can have Technology, but you can’t have all three.



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