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Word of the week: listicle

I first came across this word last year in an Oliver Burkeman article, “How to find time to read”, well worth reading. Like chairdrobe it pretty much explains itself: a list expanded into an article. I’m surprised that it’s taken me until my 40th post to this site to link to one of his articles. I could create a listicle of my own, “My favourite 10 (or 20 or 50) Oliver Burkeman pieces”. His weekly Guardian column, “This column will change your life”, is always worth checking out. Rather than create an off-the-cuff list (which is what many listicles are, of course) here is the article I have recommended and discussed most often: “Are you an asker or a guesser?”

I was wondering which listicles to link to but decided to create one of my own, 57 songs that rhyme “heart” with either “part” or “apart”, in the Lyrics Menu above, or here.


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