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“Do you want to go large for 30p?”

Do you want to go large for 30p? Well, do you?

This has become one of our catchphrases, after an experience at Heathrow Airport. My wife and I (before were married) were travelling to New York for a few days. This was in February 2000 and on this trip we visited the Twin Towers and sat in the Windows on the World watching night fall over Manhattan. We flew out from Heathrow at about 9am. I had been out the night before and had drunk maybe a pint of beer more than I should have. I wanted a “morning after the night before” burger and chips meal to help me through the flight. We queued at Burger King. It was crowded and there were many queues so we each joined a different line. Whoever got to the counter first would order. My order, carefully relayed to my future wife, and then repeated, was “Bacon double cheeseburger meal; drink: Coke, no ice”. She was less familiar with fast food joints than I was.

She reached the counter first. I was still some way back in my queue and as I went to join her I could see the girl behind the counter ask something and then ask again. I could only see the back of my future wife’s head but could picture a puzzled expression on her face. She had requested exactly what I had asked for but I had not briefed her on the possibility of further questions. By the time I reached her the girl behind the counter had asked, for the third or fourth time “Do you want to go large for 30p?” “No,” I said, “No, she doesn’t.” My future wife didn’t say anything but could easily have said, “I might. If I knew what she was talking about”.

I explained, when we sat down. A meal incorporates the burger (or “sandwich” as they often call it), a medium fries and a medium drink. You can “go large for 30p” by paying an extra 30p to get large fries and a large drink. You probably know this already, but not everybody does.

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