“Tenable” questions, week ending 7-Sep-2018

“Tenable”, the ITV quiz show that I first mentioned nearly a year ago in this piece, is back with a new series on weekday afternoons. It’s also back on “series record” on our multi-channel box. It is the most linear of quiz shows. Every episode has exactly the same number of correct answers: 10 answers… Continue reading “Tenable” questions, week ending 7-Sep-2018

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Burt Reynolds, “Paternity” and something from the bread group

Rest in peace Burt Reynolds, the Hollywood star who has just died, aged 82. I have happy memories of his films; not “Deliverance” of course, terrifying on so many levels, but most of the others, including lesser-known comedies like “Nickeledeon” and “Paternity”. The latter was a much-watched treat in the 1980s, one of the first… Continue reading Burt Reynolds, “Paternity” and something from the bread group