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Mac and PC Keyboard Shortcuts (by special request)

A former colleague emailed me earlier this week, asking about keyboard shortcuts on the Mac: “Just wondering if you use keyboard shortcuts much on the Mac? For some reason I have never really used them. I find the symbols confusing and maybe because my Mac is mostly used for leisure and Windows shortcuts are so… Continue reading Mac and PC Keyboard Shortcuts (by special request)

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Word of the week: iamb

Iamb: it’s a “metrical foot”. This is nothing to do with imperial measurements involving distance, it’s about meter in poems, or how syllables are used in a line of poetry. An iamb is a 2-syllable “metrical foot”, a short or unstressed syllable followed by a long or stressed syllable: da-DUM. Examples include the words “remark”… Continue reading Word of the week: iamb